About Uvaro

Uvaro’s 12-week online course teaches you the sales skills you need to succeed in tech, with no business or engineering background required. We teach both tech knowledge and sales skills, give you heaps of practice, and provide career services to help you succeed in your new path.

Uvaro’s employer partnerships give recruits additional exposure to their new industry, add the opportunity to gain experience and build professional networks through a paid internship, and creates natural connections between people that help secure full time job positions at graduation and beyond.

To learn more about Uvaro, visit our About page, explore our website, read the rest of this FAQ, follow us on social media, and download our full course syllabus:

Uvaro takes a different approach to the traditional education and job search paradigm. Whereas traditional institutions focus on providing education and then following up with career services, Uvaro provides both simultaneously. We help you look for work while you learn. Building out education and career services as connected branches allows recruits a shorter and more streamlined approach for getting a sales role in tech, and ensures they are always learning about the challenges currently being faced by sales teams.

We’re named for Marcus Terentius Varro (116-27 BC), who was one of the Roman Republic’s most prolific scholars. He lead an army against Julius Caesar, was responsible for the management of Rome’s library, and individually contributed by writing 74 separate works in 620 volumes on all aspects of knowledge, technology, and education.

Both! What you get out of it largely depends on what you’re willing to put into it.

The absolute minimum commitment is 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. This covers the in-class lessons and leaves you a few additional hours each week to practice your skills and look for suitable job roles.

More realistically, we recommend you commit 25 hours per week. That gives you 10 hours each week for class time, an additional 10 hours each week to work on assignments or group practice, plus 5 hours for career coaching and job skills.

After graduation, if you choose to take up a paid sales internship, it’s a full-time commitment, which offers a base salary and great commission opportunities.

Sort of. Uvaro teaches strategies and mindsets that help to drive revenue for businesses. Our major focus is on front-line sales roles, but the skills are fully transferable to a range of common job positions at tech companies, including Account Management, Customer Success, and Revenue Operations.

We also teach you to sell yourself, which will allow you to chase your dreams, not just this week or this year, but well into the future.

Applying To Uvaro

Absolutely! Uvaro looks at your life experience rather than your past sales experience. Success in sales isn’t determined by your level of education or how long you had previously been in a sales role. We look for great communicators who are driven and mature, with a passion for leveling up.  

Absolutely! Depending on your past roles, you will get different value from the course compared to someone who has never been in a sales role. Our employer-informed curriculum is designed to be flexible so that we can cater to each individual student’s level of experience. Additionally, the course focuses on how to apply sales skills in a tech-specific environment, while also giving space to unlearn any bad habits that could be detrimental in that type of role.

Uvaro’s tuition through an Income Share Agreement downloads the program risk onto us. When you enroll, we make a strategic bet that we can teach you to become a top-performing tech salesperson. Since there’s no upfront payment, there’s nothing to lose! When you finish the program, the decision as to whether to leave your current job for a new one in tech sales is up to you: No one can force you to quit the job you have.

While there’s no financial cost, you are putting up your time and energy, so ultimately we are also asking you to bet on your ability to improve yourself. But even at an $80,000/year current salary, the odds are pretty good.

Here’s an example scenario:

Current pay: $80,000/year
Current gross pay over 2 years: $160,000

Example tech sales base salary: $50,000/year
Example tech sales on-target commission pay: Additional $50,000/year

Example year 1 quota attainment: 85%
Example year 2 quota attainment: 105%

Example gross pay over 2 years: $195,000

Uvaro fee over 2 years (10% of base salary): -$10,000
Pay over 2 years net of tuition: $185,000

Net pay increase over 2 years: $25,000

Uvaro expects a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week, for the duration of our 12-week course, and for as long as you choose to participate in our internship program. Attending classes and completing assignments is mandatory.

If education or other commitments prevent you from accepting a full-time/permanent job upon successful completion of the Uvaro course, you are not eligible for our income share agreement.

If you commit to our ISA but ultimately decide to undertake further education in lieu of pursuing full-time work, you will not be eligible for payment deferrals on the ISA. You will be required to pay the monthly minimum in the same manner as course participants who choose to accept commission-only jobs.

Anyone—including college/university students—who chooses to prepay for Uvaro may enroll in the course without restrictions. If you are not eligible for our ISA and prepayment isn’t right for you, you should consider Uvaro On Demand, our free self-service online course.

Nope! Nothing is shared with employer partners without recruits’ knowledge and consent. Once a recruit gives consent for their information to be shared with an employer as part of our career services, Uvaro generates a profile highlighting your skills and experiences to ensure that we’re communicating our recruits’ talents consistently. Should a recruit wish to interview with an employer, at that point the employer can request an application package (cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile), and it is the recruit’s responsibility to provide this information.   

Yes! Uvaro runs new cohorts every month. If your application is declined for a particular cohort, we encourage you to wait for 3 months before re-applying.


Our training program is delivered remotely at scheduled times through the internet, which means you can complete the course from anywhere in the world. But North America is the focus area for our employment partners, our course content, and our funding model.

Because of this, if you would like to enroll in Uvaro using our income share agreement, you must have long-term permission to work in the United States [eg. a green card] or in Canada [eg. permanent residency].

If you live in North America and have permission to work, but not permanently [eg. under a refugee application or student visa], please talk to us about your options.

If you do not have permission to work in North America, you can still enroll in Uvaro, however you are not eligible for our Income Share Agreement. Instead, you’ll be required to use our upfront tuition payment structure. Ibn addition, you may unfortunately find that the sales tactics, job hunting strategies, and other information taught by Uvaro could be of reduced relevance or value in international markets.

Currently, our program is only available to those already eligible for full-time work in the U.S. or Canada. You must be a citizen or permanent resident of either the U.S. or Canada to apply, or have a valid long-term multi-employer work permit.

If you’re not sure whether your visa allows you to participate in this program, please contact us and we’ll help you figure it out!

No, sorry. If you’re looking to re-locate internationally, we recommend you pursue a traditional education or employer relationship.


Uvaro offers two payment methods.

When enrolling using our Up-Front Agreement, the total fees are $5,000 USD paid in four equal monthly payments.

When enrolling using our Income Share Agreement, the total fees are due only once you acquire full-time employment, and are equal to 10% of your base salary for 24 months.

With the Uvaro ISA, accepted students pay $0 tuition up-front. Once you finish the course and land your next role, your annual tuition is set to to 10% of your new base salary. Payments are made monthly for 24 months.

For example, if your base salary is $50,000/year, you’ll pay $416.67/month for 24 months. The total tuition paid typically works out to between $6,000 and $12,000.

Any bonuses or commissions you earn (in tech sales, this can be a substantial part of your total income) stay with you, as does any income from your side hustle.

If you don’t land a job, you don’t pay for the course.

These types of jobs are normally high-risk and high-reward. Our career coaches will work with you to help optimize your chances of success and make sure that your new employer isn’t predatory. We still need to get paid, though!

If you are paying via our ISA, in this special case, instead of paying a portion of your base salary, your tuition payments will be $250/month for 24 months.

Students initiating a withdrawal by the refund deadline (end of week 1) will receive a refund for their total fees paid. Students who initiate a withdrawal after the deadline will be charged pro-rated program fees calculated on weekly basis, and will receive a refund of the difference between fees already paid and the newly calculated pro-rated program fees.

Whether you are enrolling via our ISA or our Up-Front Agreement, pro-rated program fees will be due immediately upon withdrawal. The complete list of the pro-rated program fees is included in the table below.

Weeks Completed Pro-Rated Program Fees (USD)
1 $416.67
2 $833.34
3 $1,250.01
4 $1,666.68
5 $2,083.35
6 $2,500.02
7 $2,916.69
8 $3,333.36
9 $3,750.03
10 $4,166.70
11 $4,583.37
12 $5,000.00

Yes! We have an upfront option for:

  • Recruits who would like to invest in their future with an upfront payment instead of engaging in an income share agreement
  • Recruits who aren’t eligible for our income share agreement due to age or location
  • Companies looking for sales training for their staff (like a new hire, a top-performing SDR, or an AE in need of additional support)

Our upfront tuition cost is $5,000 and is paid in four equal pre-authorized payments, spread out over the term of the course.

Yes! Interns are paid a base rate, with additional commissions to be earned for their sales performance. The specific rates vary depending on your internship project.

It is not tax-deductible as an educational institution in Canada (so we don’t issue a T22). However, it is deductible as a training cost for commission employees — specifically, line 22900 in your tax return. Here’s the relevant CRA page (or IRS page for our US applicants) confirming how to do so! 

All prices and billing are in USD. For payments from CAD accounts, payments are converted to USD automatically.

Career Services

We’re invested in your success. By the end of the course, you’ll already have a relationship with a career advisor who has been helping you seek out job opportunities and maximize your odds of being hired. This relationship will continue until you’ve matched to a job, and can resume whenever you need ongoing support.

In addition, the Uvaro network of sales leaders and program graduates is at your disposal. Want to test the job market? Need tips on interviewing at a specific company? Curious about different sales tools and how they can help you? Looking for a sweet hiring referral bonus? Our ongoing career services and talent network are what differentiate Uvaro as a tech sales career accelerator, and not just a simple sales training course.

Yes! You have two options:
  • Enroll in the course. You’ll be able to adapt the practice exercises to the value proposition, playbook, and tools you already use at work. This is a healthy way to re-evaluate your job and performance, and boost your close rates and deal sizes. You can join the income share program, pay for it upfront, or maybe even get your employer to sponsor you?
  • Get talent representation. Join the alumni groups, access our tools and resource library, expand your network, practice your interview skills, get resume editing support, and even get help negotiating compensation and contracts. This is a great way to get motivated support for a promotion or job change. Our fee for representation is generally 2% of your base salary—small enough that if we can help you get even a modest pay increase, it pays for itself many times over.

No. Uvaro partners with employers and provides you the training and career services to land you a role, but we do not guarantee you a job. Uvaro will provide you with a competitive advantage to landing a role by giving you the roadmap, connections and interviews to start your new career, plus ongoing support once you’re in it.

We’re invested in your success, but ultimately you are the one in control!

We founded Uvaro to give more people the opportunity to have rewarding and fulfilling careers – hiring our graduates is part of this opportunity. We’re fortunate to already have graduates working with us!

However, being a Uvaro student or recent graduate both confers certain advantages we must consider and creates certain challenges that we must mitigate.

In order to deliver on our commitment to an inclusive hiring process, any Uvaro graduates who wish to apply to a role at Uvaro must have graduated from their class no less than six months before their application can be considered.

This requirement helps us ensure that Uvaro graduates are evaluated on the basis of their application (not on the recency of their interactions with Uvaro instructors) and ensures that the Uvaro career coaching and instruction team are always available to advise and help recent graduates in their career journey (especially when they are also involved in Uvaro hiring activities).

Covid-19 Response

Yes – Nothing has changed with our intake levels for students with the recent rise of COVID-19. Our team here at Uvaro is very privileged to be able to work remotely whenever the need arises. Due to this, our courses will proceed as planned and all of our staff will be available as before, just now from the safety of our homes rather than at the office. We are appreciative of our ability to offer folks a safe way to learn during this time!

Yes – Our online course structure allows our classes to continue to function normally considering the current state of COVID-19. Our instructors are all currently advised to work remotely, so they can continue to provide the same level of support to students during this time.

Yes. We understand there is a lot going on right now, but we still urge students to show up to as many sessions as they are able. If you are a current student, please let your course instructor know if extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending class normally. If you are planning to apply, please make our Recruitment Coordinator (info@uvaro.com) aware of any affect COVID-19 may have on your attendance in the future.

Currently, the job market in the tech industry is holding steady, and our employment partners are still looking for talent in the current environment. More emphasis is being placed on sales reps who can start working remotely, which is a core learning in Uvaro’s Tech Sales Course.

Nope! It may affect scheduling, but our guest instructors will continue to present their content to our classes remotely. They will likely present from home rather than from the office.

No – our internship opportunity is guaranteed to all of our students. The internship is completely remote, so it will remain unaffected by COVID-19 as well.