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Calgary, AB
30+ days ago

Job Description

Role Description:

We are looking for a technically minded and high-energy Sales Engineer, to be based out of Calgary, Alberta. The Sales Engineer role will encompass a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, depending on the successful applicants' skill set, aptitude, ability, and experience. The successful applicant will be reporting to DarkVision's VP of Sales and working directly with the Canadian Sales Manager, focusing on the expansion of the Canadian business. The successful applicant will regularly engage with the DarkVision executive team, marketing and product managers and the rest of the DarkVision sales and business development team to drive downhole revenue and introduce DarkVision's unique technology platforms to the Canadian onshore and offshore markets.

There will be a significant amount of flexibility and freedom in the role, along with significant growth potential, so someone looking to use that freedom to advance their career and put in the hard work necessary to do so will be considered an ideal candidate. The ability to align with the company's strategy, make long-term decisions, plan methodically, ask informed questions, and understand the details of the market/product/technology/applications will be highly valued. We are not looking for a candidate that is impulsive and fast-talking or likes to shoot from the hip. A skilled, competent, driven professional with great fundamentals, will be preferred over someone with a "network" or has been in the industry for a significant period. Of course, a solid track record of historical success is desirable as the successful candidate will quickly become a cornerstone of the sales organization as we continue the rapid expansion of the DarkVision business within North America.


  • Analysis & Strategy: Working directly with the VP of Sales and The Canadian Sales Manager, you will be driving and developing market penetration plans, competitive reconnaissance, strategic positioning, market analysis, and overall sales/marketing plans for the company as it continues to scale up operations.
  • Product Input: The company is working on a very large and complex product roadmap. The successful candidate will contribute to key discussions, decisions and prioritizations of products, technologies, features and market prioritizations to maximize the overall impact of the company's resources.
  • Meeting People: The successful candidate will foster relationships with existing, new, and prospective clients. You will have a wide variety of interactions with customers, including sales calls, new inquiry meetings, partnership discussions, and account management across the US.
  • Networking: There are a wide variety of oil and gas shows, conferences, and workshops across North America that the successful candidate will be attending. Travelling around the US, especially Houston, Dallas, Denver, Midland etc. will be a big part of the role in the medium term. If you have major travel restrictions, this is not the role for you.
  • Marketing Material Input: Depending on the skills and experience of the successful candidate, they will contribute to key marketing materials, including customer case studies, conference papers, presentations, website content, videos, and other critical materials that relate to the product/market.
  • Everything & Anything: There will be a wide assortment of standard and not-so-standard tasks that you'll be expected to complete, both inside and outside the typical sales umbrella. There's an entrepreneurial side to the role, so no task will be either above or beneath you.
  • What It Is Not: We are looking for individuals who are laser-focused on what they do best, utilizing cutting-edge technology to delivering a top-tier customer experience while driving up top-line sales. You will not be expected to invoice-chase or endlessly forecast weekly revenue numbers.


  • Technical Background: A technical or engineering background would be helpful to better understand the technology and how it works. (Not necessary, but an asset for sure)
  • Relevant Experience: Experience selling downhole diagnostic and logging services that are competitive or complementary to DarkVision's ultrasound-based imaging technology. (Not necessary, but an asset for sure). Additional value will be placed on backgrounds that include experience in hydraulic fracturing and completions design.
  • Hard Working Self Starter: The successful candidate will be highly driven and career-focused. There is a large amount of flexibility and freedom in the role, so a self-starter who is proactive in finding areas to add value for the company is an absolute must. Ultimately your success and development within DarkVision will be entirely in line with your aptitude and work ethic.
  • Strategic & Professional: The successful candidate will be able to align their priorities and daily tasks with the company goals and overall strategy. The product line is a complex technology, presented and sold to professional engineers, and you'll be representing the company's brand, values and integrity. Smart, thoughtful, methodical, and calculated decision-making is a critical aspect of top performance in the role.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to speak, write, and communicate, professionally, and effectively for different audiences would help any candidate excel in the role. You will be the face of the DarkVision brand and clear concise communication will be critical for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • General Competence: At DarkVision, there is a very high bar for general all-around competence and the ability to get things done quickly, thoroughly, and effectively without compromising on quality. If you enjoy working with smart, talented, motivated people and making big contributions to a winning team, then DarkVision is likely a great place for you.

About DarkVision:

DarkVision Technologies Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs that have a track record of developing and commercializing imaging technologies for industrial markets. DarkVision has developed the world's most advanced ultrasound-based imaging platform and is packaging it into different product lines to solve the industry's most challenging problems.

The company has proven its first successful product line for tubular infrastructure inspection. DarkVision's initial product has won multiple industry awards, been featured in top publications and generated significant buzz. Our team consists of experts from machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace and computer graphics sectors who are building today's most advanced technology platform for industrial imaging and asset integrity-related inspection. We build, design and sell the entire solution ourselves – from large sensor arrays to specialized electronics, to our visualization and analytics software.

Building on its commercial success, the company raised a very large financing round in 2020 and is well on the way to scaling the technology to new product lines in new industries and applications. We recently began construction of a new 52,000 sq ft head office facility in Vancouver and are growing quickly.

In an effort to keep up with current and future market demands Darkvision will be moving quickly to continue to expand our sales and operations footprints, first within North America, and then globally. This expansion will present significant challenges, but also significant growth opportunities. We invite you to come to join our team for the exciting journey ahead as we become the global leader in industrial imaging.

Why DarkVision:

Here are 4 reason's you'll like working at DarkVision:

  • Well-Funded: We are well funded by solid financial backers and customers through highly differentiated technology that has been industry tested and industry approved. We raised a round from one of the largest privately held companies in the world and are focused on global commercial expansion and new product-line development.
  • 'A' Players: Our team is made up of talented, intelligent, and hardworking people. If you're an 'A' player, you'll enjoy the intellectually stimulating, challenging and respectfully competitive atmosphere.
  • Growing Quickly: We're in the process of expanding US Operations and launching several new product lines. Our recent growth has been exponential and will continue at a significant pace as we proceed to scale the business within North America and then internationally.
  • Lots of Opportunities: We are transitioning into a much larger organization and will be expanding into a state-of-the-art 52,000 sq ft headquarters in Vancouver. We are currently expanding our US & Canadian operations and we focus on promotion from within as a fundamental principle. We believe in identifying and developing talent and the opportunity to grow and take on additional responsibility within the company will be significant as the business quickly grows.


  • Competitive salary or higher (Top $ for top talent)
  • Fulltime role
  • Full benefits
  • Competitive vacation


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