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All About Tech Sales Career Training in Seattle

Why Tech?

In a digital world, tech is involved in everything. From the coffee you order to the delivery package you receive from online shopping sprees, tech is somehow involved in nearly every step of the way. Tech is becoming more central in our lives – and the industry is growing. Fast. Right now, they’re looking to hire people from all backgrounds as the industry makes its way into every aspect of our lives. Tech is the future. Join it!

Why Sales?

Every day, tens of thousands of technology companies compete for new clients. Top sales reps sell millions of dollars worth of product, and earn huge commission cheques for their efforts. But rapid industry growth has left the entire tech sector with a shortage of skilled sales reps. While it takes years to learn to be a great coder, it only takes a few weeks to learn to sell software.

Why Seattle?

Twilight fans might need less convincing but we promise you the city has much to offer you. Seattle is also known globally for its coffee. So imagine waking up every morning to the world’s best coffee and working in the booming tech industry. With 10 unicorn start-ups native to Seattle, magic is definitely brewing there. And it’s time for you to fly-in!

Why Job Training?

There are thousands of tech sales job openings, but every posting gets hundreds of applicants. Without years of industry experience, you need help to get through the door. Uvaro teaches you specialized tech sales skills, introduces you to Toronto tech companies, optimizes your job search, and helps you shortcut the hiring process. You’ll get hired faster, earn more money, and perform better in your new sales job.

Why Now?

COVID transformed the entire economy, forcing traditional businesses to adopt radical new approaches to how they operate. Tech companies enabled this change, and want to capitalize on the inroads they made. They’re hiring now, and hiring fast. There has never been a better time to transition to a career in tech sales.

Why Uvaro?

Uvaro is more than just a sales training class. We provide mentorship, ongoing coaching and career advice. We build your skills, improve your confidence, and open the door to remote work. We’ll even put you into a paid sales internship to help you build experience while you look for a permanent job placement. And our network of friends and alumni will help you take your career to places you never previously thought possible.

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Upcoming Career Prep Courses

Uvaro provides hundreds of hours of live tech sales training, conducted online and available at zero upfront cost. We’ll teach you what you need to know to land and be successful in a great tech sales job in Seattle. Apply now to learn more!

Jan 10

10 Jan 2022 - 1 Apr 2022
12 Weeks

Jan 17

17 Jan 2022 - 11 Feb 2022
4 Weeks

Feb 7

7 Feb 2022 - 29 Apr 2022
12 Weeks

*Classes run daily Monday–Friday, with cancellations for certain holidays.

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