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Should You Change Industries and Work In Tech Sales?

Why Tech?

Thinking about quitting your job? Tech is the fastest-growing industry in the world. It already directly employs more than 8% of the workforce. And every job increasingly depends on tech: You can’t submit a job application or order a sandwich without passing data through a stack of software tools. Tech is the future.

Why Sales?

Every day, tens of thousands of technology companies compete for new clients. Top sales reps earn huge commissions for their efforts. But rapid growth has left the entire software industry with a shortage of skilled sales reps. While it takes years to learn to be a great coder, it only takes a few hours to get your foot in the door in sales!

Why Now?

COVID transformed the entire economy, forcing traditional businesses to make big changes, fast. Tech companies enabled this change. They’re hiring now, hiring fast, and offering great perks both in the office and for remote workers. There has never been a better time to quit your job and transition to a career in tech sales.

Check Out This Sneak Peek

This course is a high-speed introduction to everything you need to launch a successful career at a tech company. Structured as 3 modules, we’ll introduce you to what it means to sell tech, to find and land a great job, and to leverage the strengths and experiences you already have. Thrive in this career!

Option 1

Tech Sales 101

What is ‘Tech Sales’ and why are there so many open opportunities? What kind of tech companies exist? What tools do I need to work in this field? How do I land and pass an interview without prior experience?

These are the questions we’ll tackle together, breaking down  the world of tech to help you understand where you should start your search for a step into your career.

Option 2

Your Place in Tech

Uncover high-demand jobs, and identify your best fit. We’ll help you identify and articulate your unique experiences that line you up for success. Finally, develop strategies to be strong and confident as you take your career and life to the next level.

Making Your Next Move

Build your action plan. Let’s bring together your new understanding of the industry and roles available to chart a path forward. We’ll equip you with an actionable plan, launching you into the next steps of your career journey!

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Land a Job at a Growing Tech Company

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Upcoming Step Into Tech Classes

This class takes place in a single 2-hour session, conducted online and available for only $97 now available FREE. We’ll teach you what you need to know to get your foot in the door and land a great tech sales job! Register now to get started!

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