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All About Tech Sales Career Training for DC Jobs

Why Tech?

America depends on tech. Almost everything you do is processed by software, whether it’s running a billion dollar-business, applying for a job, or ordering a coffee. The industry is high-growth and high-earnings. And its importance will continue to grow. But while it takes years to learn to code software, it only takes a few weeks to learn to sell software.

Why Sales?

Every day, tens of thousands of technology companies compete for new clients. Top tech sales reps sell millions of dollars worth of product, and earn huge commissions for their efforts. Recruiters in Washington and beyond want to hire them. But there’s a skill shortage. Our career advice: Fill the gap! Start a career in tech sales.

Why Washington D.C.?

Washington is obviously the center of government. But both inside the Beltway, in the wider D.C. Maryland Virginia area, and even as far as Baltimore, the private-sector is full of opportunities. Local tech startups are booming, and new tech company branch offices open all the time. And it’s not just lobbying: D.C. offers unparalleled selling opportunities to massive blue chip companies, and to the spinoff industries they feed.

Why Job Training?

There are hundreds of tech sales employment opportunities in the DC Metro area, but every job posting gets hundreds of applicants, too. Without years of industry experience, you need help to get through the door. Uvaro teaches you specialized tech sales skills, introduces you to the best tech companies, optimizes your job search, and helps you shortcut the hiring process. You’ll get hired faster, earn more money, and perform better in your new sales job.

Why Now?

COVID transformed the entire economy, forcing traditional businesses to adopt radical new approaches to how they operate. There has never been a better time to get a digital sales job—whether it’s a company based in Washington, or working from home. Tech companies are hiring now, and hiring fast. Uvaro’s training teaches the skills you need to be successful.

Why Uvaro?

Uvaro is more than just a sales training class. We provide mentorship, ongoing coaching, career services, and great advice. We build your sales skills, teach you about the software industry, improve your confidence, and welcome you to our community. We’ll even put you into a paid sales internship to help you build experience and earn money while we help you land your dream job.

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Training For Online Sales Careers At Great Tech Companies

Upcoming Career Prep Courses

Uvaro provides over 240 hours of tech sales training with a live online instructor. Learn from home and find a great job at zero upfront cost. We’ll teach you what you need to know to land and be successful in a great tech sales job in the DMV Region, or wherever you want to be. Apply now to learn more!

May '21

17 May 2021 - 6 Aug 2021
Sheila Fung

Jun '21

14 Jun 2021 - 3 Sep 2021
Sheila Fung

July '21

19 Jul 2021 - 8 Oct 2021
Callum Bramley

*Listed class times are in Eastern Time (New York/Washington D.C.).
**Classes are 2+ hours/day, Monday–Friday, for 12 weeks.

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