Online Sales Training for B2B SaaS Jobs

Course Format

Uvaro is part-time, online, and interactive. You’ll join from home through your microphone- and webcam-equipped computer and internet connection. For two hours each day (five days per week), in collaboration with your instructor and classmates, you’ll learn, watch, read, talk, question, and practice everything there is to know about the industry.

For an additional 5–10 hours per week, we expect you to study, prepare, and practice on your own time. We provide everything you need! We’ll provide online subscriptions to cutting-edge tools, ship you reference books, and make sure you’re keeping up with our expectations.

The course is 12 weeks in total. If you’re ready for more, you can add an additional 12 weeks of training through a paid sales internship. You’ll be engaged at a technology business like a real employee, where you’ll learn their product, study their clients, and help them to secure new business. It’s a great opportunity to grow your network, practice your lessons, learn by doing, and make some money.

Course Curriculum 

Our background is in business-to-business (B2B) software-as-a-service (SaaS), and we believe that’s where you’ll find the best opportunities for sales career advancement in the tech industry.

The curriculum is carefully balanced between sales skills (like prospecting and discovery), technical knowledge (like using a CRM and talking about cloud services—don’t worry, no one expects you to learn to code!), and tech sales career growth (like maximizing efficiency at conferences, and expanding your reach on LinkedIn).

When classes are in session, every day will be different as we help you prepare for the next steps in your career. Details vary by weekly theme, instructor, and cohort, but here’s what one typical week might look like:

Guest Speaker: Learn from a sales leader at a B2B SaaS company about their specific go-to-market strategy and their expansion plans (1 hour)

Assignment Debrief: Discuss an assignment from last week; What went well? Where did you struggle? What would you do next? (15 minutes)

Topic: Sales Partnerships: What are common types of partnerships? What tends to work well? What should you watch our for? Why do they work? When do they fail? (45 minutes)

Restrospective: We’re now several weeks into the course. Group reflection on what we’ve learned and what gaps remain, plus what you’ve liked and disliked so far. (30 minutes)

Topic: SaaS Companies: Who are the major players? What differentiates a startup from an enterprise company? What are their hiring priorities? (30 minutes)

Topic: Applying to Jobs: Job hunting as a sales activity, prospecting, mindset, success in informational interviews. (30 minutes)

Interview Prep and Practice: Preparing for interviews, and practicing key skills. (30 minutes)

Topic: Negotiations: Reflection on what’s we’ve studied so far, and simulation session with practice roles and objectives. (1 hour)

Panel Discussion: Software Engineering: A small group of software engineers will join the class to discuss how they fit into the sales cycle, common errors they see from sales staff, and answer any technical questions you may have. (1 hour)

Demo Practice: In breakout sessions, students will show the product demos they’ve been working on, and critique each other’s presentations. (1 hour)

Guest Speaker: An executive from a sales resource community joins to talk about professional personal brands, and how new tech sales staff can leverage tools, information, and mentorship from the wider “sales community.” (1 hour)

Demo Practice: Do it again, or resume from where you left off yesterday. (1 hour)

Topic: Competitors: How much should you know about your product competitors? What are the best ways to get insights about them, and to talk about them with prospects? (1 hour)

On your own time:

  • Read two chapters from an assigned book shipped to you by Uvaro
  • Based on your practice sessions and what we’ve learned so far, record a single-take video of a product demo that lasts 15-minutes.
  • Playbook draft: Based on information from Monday’s guest speaker, draft a short prospecting playbook that includes one ideal customer persona, 2 email templates, 1 voicemail script, and an outreach cadence.

Tuition and Fees

Pay Nothing Until You’ve Landed A Job 

If you don’t get a job, you don’t pay a cent. We’re committed to making tech sales education accessible to everyone.

Uvaro is funded through a capped income share agreement. After you’ve graduated and have full-time work, we collect a portion of your base salary. If that’s not right for you, ask us about tuition pre-payment.

$0 Downpayment

You don’t have to spend money to make money. We take on the risk, you focus on learning and getting better.

Free to try

Not sure if the course is right for you? You don’t pay anything, ever, if you decide to withdraw in the first week.

Uncapped Income

We never touch your commissions, bonuses, or other income. In 2018, 50% of US Sales Managers earned over $124,000.

Job Search

Industry Insights

In addition to our core curriculum of sales skills and tech-focused learning, Uvaro features a rotating cast of industry experts who deliver intimate knowledge about their career trajectories, staffing requirements, and hiring processes. What gets hiring managers excited? What are their red flags? How can you get a foot in the door?

Uvaro instruction will help you network, prepare for interviews, and learn the language you need to effectively negotiate a compensation package.

If you’re new to the tech world, or new to the sales world, with Uvaro you can expect to learn a lot in a very short period of time. You might sometimes feel overwhelmed, but our instructors and support staff are there to help you along the way. Your success is our success!

If you’ve already established a career in tech, a career in sales, or both, you’ll find yourself thinking more systematically about how you fit into an organization, how best to approach each lead, and how to leverage your talents to maximize your income. This isn’t a shallow webinar or one-day session; it’s 12 weeks of comprehensive work that promises to challenge you, inspire new ways of thinking, and accelerate your career growth.

Job Hunt Support

Job search and career advancement are a core part of the Uvaro curriculum. 

  • Understand best practices for your job hunt
  • Network and get introduced to our career partners
  • Gain insider knowledge about tech company hiring processes
  • Professional review and editing of your resume
  • Practice interviews to improve performance and increase confidence

After you’re hired, the growing and learning doesn’t stop. The Uvaro network and support staff are always available to offer help when you need it:

  • Access work-from-home opportunities
  • Adjust the salary/variable weighting of your income
  • Access job openings at the hottest tech companies
  • Gain perks or improve your travel schedule
  • Shift to a different role, with trust that you’ll always have a safe landing place

Finally, Uvaro’s job search support doesn’t stop with the in-class content: We’ll also pair you with a professional career coach to support and guide you through the course and beyond.

Need to gain more experience before you’re ready to hit the big leagues? Don’t forget about our optional paid sales internships.

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