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The Seller’s Journey

with Joseph Fung

A career in sales will have its ups and downs. You need to stay balanced and learn from your experiences. Join us weekly to hear sales journeys that speak to perseverance, dedication, and humility.




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About the Podcast

The Seller’s Journey is hosted by Uvaro / Kiite CEO and Co-Founder Joseph Fung. When he’s not spending time with his family, learning how to fly trapeze, or getting involved in the community, Joseph loves to talk sales! From his conversations with reps and leaders, he’s gathered that careers in sales follow a common arc.

The Start: What were they doing that allowed them to fall into their first sales position?

Climbing The Mountain: Growing as a sales rep is a unique climb. The lessons and experiences picked up in this stage are instrumental to the rep as they grow in their career.

Finding Their Confidence: Sometimes it’s an “Aha!” moment, and sometimes it’s a slow buildup to hitting their stride – but once it happens, their outlook and career changes.

Giving Back: The best sales reps want to pay forward the lessons that they were taught, to help the next generation make the role their own.

These are common themes in the stories from the fast lane of sales. What’s your story?

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