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We’re on a mission to make tech sales jobs accessible to anyone. With the right attitude and the right training, you’ll be prepared for an exciting and lucrative career in the high-growth tech industry.

Top Uvaro applicants are hard-working, great communicators, and motivated to succeed. Previous recruits have come from all walks of life, including office administrators, sales in other industries, socially-minded engineers, elite athletes and musicians, military veterans, retail store managers, graduate students, stay-at-home moms, construction workers, and so many others.

Your life experience counts! There are tech sales niches for everything you can imagine, from finance tech and HR tech, to sports tech and gaming tech, and everything in between. More and more, our world runs on technology, and there are thousands of unfilled jobs for people who can sell it.

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Meet Our Recruits

Uvaro Student - Stephanie

Waterloo, ON

Current Job: Executive Assistant, Technology Accelerator Hub
“I went into this class without any prior sales knowledge. I was nervous, but it’s been an amazing experience. The instructors are wonderful, and I’ve been impressed by how the class is taught and organized. Uvaro has taken me from zero sales knowledge, to giving me the tools I need to be successful. Now I not only know how to build a prospect list, an outreach cadence and cold call scripts, but I actually feel confident in my skills to reach out to prospects. This class has been invaluable to me.”

Previous Job: Experiential Field Marketing Manager
“I’m thoroughly impressed by the Uvaro team’s passion for the materials and their genuine interest in and empathy toward us, the students. I truly feel that they want to help students succeed not only in the twelve weeks of the course, but in their careers as well. I’m also amazed by the great network I’ve started building even from day one through the Uvaro team, my cohort, as well as other amazing industry leaders that Uvaro has been able to connect me with.”

Uvaro student John Moon

Vancouver, BC

Uvaro student Ian Hansen

Winnipeg, MB

Previous Job: Sales Manager, Fire Prevention & Home Safety
“After being in sales for a while, and having taken (and taught) many different types of sales training, I wasn’t expecting to learn nearly as much as I have in this course. There is an emphasis on “why” certain things should be done or said, instead of just learning what to say. This course is clearly designed and taught by people who really know and understand this world. Technology sales has a bit of an intimidating barrier to entry compared to other sales positions, and Uvaro provides a clear path across that barrier.”

Live classes
Interactive online sessions taught by experienced instructors.
Practical experience
Test your new skills and get feedback from a supportive group.
$0 upfront cost
Don't pay anything until you've landed full-time work.
Career services
Coaching and support that's here for you along your journey.

Hands-On Tech Sales Experience

Beginning part-way through the 12-week tech sales career acceleration course, you can optionally join a part-time paid internship with a real tech company. You’ll be able to apply the tech sales skills you’ve learned in class, get experience, and start making connections. We’ll work with you to make sure that the specifics of your internship are appropriate for your life situation and learning level, including whether you’re best positioned for remote work, or an on-site role at a local tech company.

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