Our Flagship Tech Sales Competition

For 12 gruelling weeks, Uvaro recruits train to become the best tech salespeople on the continent. Aspiring demo day champions test themselves daily to master the sales skills of tactical prospecting, discovery, objection handling, and naturally-woven storytelling.

The top recruits from each class are then given 15 minutes, uninterrupted, to deliver a specific type of software demonstration—the elusive disco/demo, in which they’re challenged to extract purchasing plans while pitching a solution. To pull it off, they’ll need charm and finesse, but also firmness and candor. Recruits must listen where applicable and drive the conversation when needed.

The goal: Drive the deal forward, and book the prospect in for a deeper dive.
The prize: The title of Demo Day Champion, exclusive introductions to recruiting partners, and a sweet bonus prize.

Our next demo day is in December 2020.

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Wall Of Champions

John Moon

Demoing Kiite, this champion won our first demo day, in April 2020.

Meenal Sharma

Demoing Vidyard, this champion won Uvaro’s June 2020 demo day.

Ahmad Ismail

Demoing Slack, this champion won our demo day in July 2020.

Tanpreet Anand

Demoing WatrHub, this champion won our August 2020 demo day.

Jake Maisonet

Demoing Vidyard, this champion won our demo day in September 2020.

Omar Okwandu

Omar became October 2020 Champion with a demo of StackCT

Alysha Thistlethwaite

Alysha won our November 2020 demo day with a demo of Vidyard



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