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The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create on their own.

Tech Sales Enablement Leaders

Nothing happens in a vacuum. It’s true in tech, and it’s true in sales. When it comes to crafting a curriculum that benefits our recruits, we believe in hearing from as many authoritative opinions as possible.

Uvaro recruits are exposed to the problems being encountered by businesses today, not the challenges that were seen a year or two ago.

Maximum exposure allows program graduates to quickly understand and adapt to the situations and strategies in play at their current employer, and the next one and the next one, too.

The Institute For Sales Transformation brings in thought leaders from around the sales landscape to help educate and inspire the next generation of great tech salespeople.

Huerdo is a sales training and consulting agency that works with and for SMB’s to large enterprises. Huerdo brings experience selling complex solutions in the current tech sales climate.

ClozeLoop takes an agile approach to sales, arming reps by breaking down sales processes into actionable frameworks that can be used at the different stages of the sales cycle.

Mental health plays a huge role in performance. Sales Health Alliance helps reps with the mindset and approach they need to stay even, and avoid mental burnout from the ups and downs of sales.

Preparing for your job search is like anything else in life: Creating the right habits helps you outperform over time. VIPCV empowers people with time-tested habits they can use to write any cover letter and resume, and prepare for any interview.

HiredHippo is a network for sales and customer success talent, which helps prepare recruits with the skills and knowledge they need to get ahead in their job searches as they embark on their new careers.

The Communitech Academy is Kitchener-Waterloo’s Tech Academy, educating the next generation of tech workers in KW with skills for computer science, engineering, design, marketing, and of course sales.

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