Looking to hire?
Evaluate job candidates with a representative work sample, then accelerate onboarding and time to productivity.

Need sales leads?
Iterate quickly with our scalable and cost-controlled intern-driven prospecting program.

Develop and accelerate your outsourced prospecting team with dynamic sales interns who are motivated to succeed. Under supervision and mentoring from our internship facilitators, Uvaro interns complete sales development tasks on behalf of your business—typically booking appointments with qualified leads for your existing sales team, on a pay-for-performance compensation model.

Managed Sales Internships
$3,000/ intern/month
  • + Performance Incentives

Lower Risk

Interns commit to NDAs, employment status waivers, and performance-based compensation. Try them before you hire them!

Test Strategies

Try new markets, assess demand in other verticals, and iterate rapidly with trials of new sales collateral.

Scale Success

Generate qualified leads with commission incentives that match your ideal industries, locations, company sizes, current solutions, etc.

All Uvaro interns begin by enrolling in our tech sales training course. By the time they start prospecting for you, your team of interns will have studied and practiced:

  • Work Norms & Communication
  • Active Listening
  • Ideal Customer Profiles & Personas
  • SaaS Business Fundamentals
  • Sales Stacks & Common Tools
  • Technology Adoption Curve and Buyer Types
  • Discovery Questions
  • Prospect List Building
  • Cold Calls and Emails
  • Video 101
  • Sales Development
  • Customer Hero Stories
  • CRM Best Practices
  • InfoSec Basics
  • Events & Networking
  • Cadences & Outreach Plans
  • Profiles & Social Selling
  • Sales roles and team success
  • Objection Handling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Need Events & Inbound Marketing
  • Phone & Voicemail Scriptwriting
  • Cold Calling
  • Prospecting
  • Self Assessments and Call Breakdowns

Evergreen Interns

During their internship, our recruits prospect and book meetings for your sales team. They also coach their replacements, providing you with a perpetual pool of available talent.

Turnkey Program

We provide Uvaro interns with all the tools they need to succeed as SDRs: Playbooks, Sales Automation, CRM, Slack, and Dialers. All you need to set up is an email address.

Playbooks Included

We start by taking our proven SDR Internship playbook and tailoring it to your ICP, Product, Customers and messaging. Then we share it in Kiite, so that you can collaborate and monitor in real time.


We design, staff, and coordinate a Sales Development Internship program that’s optimized to help you develop both your lead funnel and your sales talent pipeline.

Managed Internship FAQ

Our programs try to be flexible to your needs. Speak with our team about your requirements.

Although the internship match process doesn’t allow for interviews, you are introduced to each matched intern and have a veto right. For most companies, the internship acts as an extended interview for open full-time roles. You are also welcome to meet and interview your active interns as frequently as you would like.

At the end of the Uvaro course, we pair interested recruits with available internships on a first-come-first-served basis, taking care wherever possible to align intern interests and abilities with client company requirements.

A certain amount of upfront training (reading, videos, etc.) is expected at the start of each internship in order to prepare participants to sell your product and align with your company norms. Sales-oriented tasks can generally be added to the internship responsibilities, but these should be discussed with Uvaro ahead of time. Interns will not come to your office to pour coffee or push paper: This isn’t that type of internship.

Your Internship Coordinator will provide bi-weekly reports on your program, and interns participate in weekly pipeline and activity reviews (you’re encouraged to join!). Booked meetings are submitted directly to your CRM or to a shared tracking sheet, providing real-time visibility.

Yes, you are welcome to extend a job offer at any point during the internship program. Many of our recruits receive full-time offers before they complete the Uvaro program.

While we encourage all Uvaro recruits to complete their training and internship commitments, depending on the requirements of their new role, they may be required to withdraw from your internship. In this event, we will exercise all possible effort to immediately replace the intern and to minimize disruption.

At the end of each calendar month, Uvaro will bill you using your pre-approved method for both the administrative fee and any earned commissions for the recruits. Uvaro will then automatically remit earned commissions to the individual interns. You have only a single payer and single invoice to manage.

This fee covers both the up-front setup of your internship program playbooks and collateral, and the ongoing costs of administration, software, and program coordination. Prices and billing are in US Dollars.

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