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The “Future Of” series is back for our October event, and this time we will be digging into the Future Of Sales Skills!

Traditionally, sales has been a male-dominated profession – even in the tech space. When folks hear “sales,” a certain personality may pop into their mind. Ideas from Wolf of Wall Street, “sales bro” attitudes, and impressions from “sleazy car salespeople” cloud our vision of sales. The truth is, the reality couldn’t be further from this picture.

Join us as we break down which hard vs soft skills that are required for sales reps right now, but more importantly, which darkhorse skills leaders are looking for in the sales reps of tomorrow! Reps will walk away knowing what new skills are propelling top performers, while leaders will take away a variety of ideas to help facilitate a culture of self-improvement on their teams.

About The Panel:

Joseph Fung, (Host) CEO at Uvaro, where we’re on a mission to transform careers through best in class training that’s accessible to anyone. When he’s not running a business, you can find Joseph talking to sales professionals as the host of The Seller’s Journey podcast. That ability to navigate conversations will come in handy as we dive into this juicy topic!

Christine Ramirez has been a Managing Partner at Dale Carnegie Training for over 12 years where she’s been at the forefront of practical education for business professionals, typically for middle and upper management. Offering a wide range of public classes, seminars, courses, coaching, and personalized training sessions in the Fort Lauderdale area Christine understands the impact of well understood and implemented soft skills for sales professionals.

Darryl Praill is the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, the industry’s most established Sales Engagement Platform. Well recognized for his work, Darryl is an award-winning marketer, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote speaker, a 2020 top 10 SaaS Branding Expert, a Top 19 B2B Marketer to Watch in 2019, a social media influencer, a category-leading podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Darryl has raised almost $100 million in venture capital, acquired, merged, and taken companies public, been hired and fired, and worked for companies of all sizes.

Kelli Lampkin is a seasoned account executive at Netsuite. Her wide range of experiences through entrepreneurship, angel investing, writing, as a DJ and general tech enthusiast gives her a refreshing perspective on what it takes to be a successful and impactful salesperson. Kelli has a passion for disrupting industries to help them leverage enterprise business software.

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