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the Future of Data-Driven Sales

Event Description:

Check out our May event and the next installment of our Future Of series. This time, we’ll be diving into the Future of Data-Driven Sales.

Who does this describe?

Collaborative. Helpful. Nuanced. Curious. Data-driven.

Is it your favourite coworker? A family member? A leader you admire? 

Could it even be you?

Soft skills like these are the hallmark for success at great jobs in marketing, engineering, and in customer success. It also defines today’s top-performing sales reps.

Today, sales is about understanding your clients. It’s about building a relationship based on transparency and mutual understanding.

And that relationship is underpinned by data.

For sales pros, data analysis is already one of the most important skills in the sales tool box.

Which platforms and tools will give you the right insights?

Let’s talk about it.

Join us and our expert panel of top consultants in the tech sales space to dissect:

  • Are CRM automation tools worth the hassle? How do they compare to an out-of-the-box Salesforce implementation?
  • Emerging trends in AI and self-service tools that can help you understand prospects. Dialpad vs. Calendly vs.
  • What data will help you move your career forward? How important are vanity metrics?

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The Future Of Remote Sales Work is over - check out the live stream here

Check out our previous panelists:


Alyshahn Kara – CRO at GooseChase Adventures

Alyshahn has demonstrated himself as dedicated, independent, and self motivated. From his beginnings as a University of Waterloo grad, to his more than 10 years of experience in tech sales at major tech companies like Salesforce, Canon Canada, and Shutterstock, Alyshahn has proven leadership skills which led him to his current successes as CRO at GooseChase Adventures.

As a leader Alyshahn is passionate about working in environments that allow room for creativity, participation, learning and growth, and actively promotes strong teamwork values. His specialities and efforts now are focused in leadership, B2B, sales strategy, and sales and methodology systems.


Caitlyn Ngu – CEO at HireUp

Caitlyn is a leader that demonstrates problem solving and craves efficiency at heart. Fine-tuning her strengths at top Canadian companies in Toronto like TopHat and Wattpad, Caitlyn harnessed that energy to support job seekers and founded HireUp 6 years ago where she is now CEO. She became a household name while pitching her company on Dragon’s Den.

All her success comes from a firm belief in personal development which has pushed Caitlyn to a wide breadth of experiences and expertise in strategic public relations, marketing communications, and social media communication. Caitlyn attributes her success to a positive attitude, openness to feedback, consistency, and genuine strive for personal growth.


Luiz Cent – Head of Sales at Mailshake

Luiz, over the course of his professional life has honed in his skills as both a sales professional and a marketing and growth leader. Building on his experience and knowledge through personal projects Luiz drives growth as Head of Sales at Mailshake where his strengths include; content marketing, conversion rate optimization, behavioural email marketing and SEO, all while running an eCommerce consulting agency on the side.

In his spare time, Luiz focuses on mindfulness and sustainability by enjoying gardening, yoga, photography, traveling like a local, and practicing zero waste principles.

CEO: Joseph Fung

Joseph Fung, (Host) CEO at Uvaro

Where we’re on a mission to transform careers through best in class training that’s accessible to anyone. When he’s not running a business, you can find Joseph talking to sales professionals as the host of The Seller’s Journey podcast. That ability to navigate conversations will come in handy as we dive into this juicy topic!