Event Description:

The “Future Of” series is back for our October event, and this time we will be digging into the Future Of Remote Sales Work!

Remote work has been thrown around everywhere this last year. 

As a sales person, whether your preference is that you work from home or are in the office, many companies have been following a remote work model for years – and many others are moving in that direction.

This panel will get real about what to expect in the next 5 years

-Will I have the option to WFH/in the office?
-Which tools will help me connect with prospects at a distance?
-How can I keep up-skilling at a distance?

Join us as we dig into remote work from 3 different angles and get real about where the tech sales industry is headed. 

Sign-up here for our discussion on March 11th, at 6-7 PM ET to learn more about what to expect in the tech sales work environment.

About The Panel:

Joseph Fung, (Host) CEO at Uvaro, where we’re on a mission to transform careers through best in class training that’s accessible to anyone. When he’s not running a business, you can find Joseph talking to sales professionals as the host of The Seller’s Journey podcast. That ability to navigate conversations will come in handy as we dive into this juicy topic!

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